Aerial Integration Consulting, LLC. was established in February of 2018 in Lakeville, Massachusetts by Britney Nelson.  AIC has a vast background in Civil Engineering, Surveying and Aerial Media Capture.  The goal of AIC is to assist Governmental, Commercial, Industrial and Residential clients leverage modern technology by flying UAS or "drones" to capture GIS data to increase on-site safety and efficiency.  AIC captures holistic aerial data via drone to be processed into multiple deliverables to aid in site assessment and design.  We use Real-time Kinematic (RTK) and Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) technology to produce ACCURATE data products of which metrics can be applied.  Customers receive maps and models of their site(s) of which they can use to precisely measure, annotate, create contours, trace features, break lines, etc. to create multiple CAD or GIS layers for site design.  AIC virtualizes site assessments to save your company time and money.  We are a family owned WBC and would be pleased to serve your Organization or Company.


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Boston, Massachusetts

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