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Our Story

Aerial Integration Consulting is a family-owned business determined to integrate the latest industrial technology within your everyday workflow.  We have a proven track record of recommending tools and offering services to allow businesses to run more efficiently and safely.


Aerial Integration Consulting provides a large array of services, from Aerial Photography/Videography, Aerial Mapping Services to sUAS Consulting Services, to name a few. Our mission is to integrate the latest technologies to optimize final results and furnish companies and individuals with valuable deliverables.  Please feel free to contact AIC today, so we can demonstrate how you or your business can utilize drone systems to improve your bottom line and quality of product.




Images Designed To Sell

AIC has been in the Aerial Photography business for a total of 7 Years.  We have the latest sUAS or "Drone" systems to capture a truly beautiful and valuable perspective from the sky in either photo or video format to accommodate your needs.  We work with Real Estate Agents, Event Planners and multiple Construction Industry leaders.


Great Advice on the Latest Aerial Tech

Aerial Integration Consulting is not only a Governmental Contractor.  AIC is pleased to put Drone Technology into the hands of individuals and businesses.  Call us to discuss how we can integrate Aerial Technology into your current workflow.


Accurate Mapping from the Sky -

Saves Time and Money

We are able to produce accurate 2D Maps/Orthomosaics which can be used for linear and volumetric calculations.  Furthermore, we are able to produce large-scale 3D models for analytical purposes.



Aerial Integration Consulting
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